Dear Visitor;

The roots of Fasili’s family begin since the early 30s. With bees, which our grandfather, Theodore Fasili, a pioneer for its times, had purchased from a mountainous apiary at the mountain of Parnonas and with modern transportation of the era (…by donkeys) transferred them to our village, Pragmatefti Arcadias. Beyond that, the preoccupation with apiculture is continuous and uninterrupted for Fasili’s family. From 1950 onwards, the employment of the family enters into a purely professional trajectory.

In 1980, the second generation of the family starts moving towards standardization of the product and sells it in the entire country. This effort created the need for cooperation with more beekeepers. This cooperation still exists, by selecting for you the sweetest gift of nature.

Since the end of 2006, the third generation enters into the certification process of beekeeping unit based on the model of biological beekeeping in cooperation with the certifying company “DIO”. During the spring of 2008, our unit produces the first quantities of the biological honey called “Arbutus”, a special honey with a bittersweet taste. This type of honey is highly esteemed to discerning consumers and is steadily rising in their preference, especially in foreign markets. The same applies for the other varieties of honey such as Heather, Fir, Pine & Thyme, Thyme, Chestnut, Pine, Forest flowers, and Flowers. From this point, the orientation of the company in combination with the modernization of the storage facilities and standardization of honey marks the transition of the family in a new beekeeping season, which combines the old with the new!

Today, the beekeeping unit features modern storage facilities and standardization and is certified according to ISO 22000. Three generations of Fasili’s family combining knowledge, experience and passion are managed to produce a series of beekeeping products of high standards, with a genuine Mediterranean flavor.